Who Are We?

Osni Ponca, LLC is the economic development limited liability company owned by the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.  Osni Ponca, LLC was originally established as Ponca Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO) in 2001.  In 2012, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska established an economic development holding company called, Osni Ponca, LLC.

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Our History

In 2001, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska (PTON) chartered the Ponca Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO) as a tribal corporation responsible for providing the Tribe with sustainable capital investment opportunities. PEDCO operates outside of the political processes of the Tribe and provides oversight responsibility for the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska’s economic development activities. In order to remain free of the political process and at the direction of the PTON’s Tribal Council, PEDCO successfully negotiated its own Self-Determination (638) Contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. A Board of Directors is comprised of PTON, tribal members and is chartered with responsibility for developing business opportunities, investment vehicles and tribal economic development ventures.

In 2012, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska chartered OSNI Ponca, LLC to be the new tribal corporation for economic development. PEDCO will remain in existence, but will act as the non-profit community development corporation for the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.

Osni Ponca, LLC’s headquarters is in Lincoln, NE. The Ponca Tribe does not have a reservation, but operates with the definition of Service Areas. Osni Ponca, LLC is able to offer resources and opportunities in the rural and urban economies to Ponca tribal members living within the following counties: Nebraska – Boyd, Burt, Douglas, Hall, Holt, Knox, Lancaster, Madison, Platte, Sarpy, Stanton, and Wayne; South Dakota – Charles Mix; and Iowa – Pottawattamie and Woodbury.

The general purposes of Osni Ponca

To create and stimulate

the economy of the Tribe and to create employment opportunities for tribal members.

To increase

the economic well-being of the tribal membership in accordance with any economic development policies and plans of the Tribe as adopted by the Tribal Council or tribal department delegated such responsibilities.

To generate profits

to promote the growth and continuity of the Company and for distribution to the tribal government and such departments as the Tribal Council may direct.

To engage

in any lawful act or activity for which companies may be organized under the Tribal LLC Code.

To generate tax and other revenue

for the use by the tribal government in providing services to the tribal membership.

Loaded With Power

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