Who Are We?

Osni Ponca, LLC is the economic development limited liability company owned by the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.  Osni Ponca, LLC was originally established as Ponca Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO) in 2001.  In 2012, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska established an economic development holding company called, Osni Ponca, LLC.

Our History

The Tribe’s first economic development company was chartered in 2001 as Ponca Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO).  After establishing multiple subsidiary companies, the Board of Directors saw fit to create a Limited Liability Company under which all of the Tribe’s for-profit subsidiaries could be housed.  Therefore, in 2012, the Ponca Tribe chartered Osni Ponca LLC to be the primary economic developer and parent holding company.  PEDCO was subsequently converted to a non-profit 501 (c)3.


Osni Ponca LLC is a for-profit company wholly owned by the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.  As the primary vehicle for tribal economic development, Osni Ponca is tasked with generating revenues and opportunities for the Tribe and its members while maintaining the cultural values of the Ponca Nation.

En route to the overarching goal of Tribal Self-Sufficiency, the Company seeks to leverage the competitive advantages of the Tribe’s sovereign status to attract partners and investors.  Osni Ponca LLC is actively seeking partners to form mutually beneficial business ventures that will allow the Company to diversify its economic portfolio.


Osni Ponca LLC is a tribally chartered company organized under the Ponca Tribe’s Limited Liability Company Code, Title XV of the Tribal Law & Order code.  As such, Osni Ponca LLC is endowed with the sovereign status reserved only for tribal entities.

The company is governed by a five-member Board of Directors appointed by the Ponca Tribal Council.  Per the Company’s Operating Agreement, a majority number of Directors must be Ponca tribal members.  The Board of Directors is tasked with setting the strategic direction and policies of Osni Ponca LLC.

The general purposes of Osni Ponca

To create and stimulate

the economy of the Tribe and to create employment opportunities for tribal members.

To increase

the economic well-being of the tribal membership in accordance with any economic development policies and plans of the Tribe as adopted by the Tribal Council or tribal department delegated such responsibilities.

To generate profits

to promote the growth and continuity of the Company and for distribution to the tribal government and such departments as the Tribal Council may direct.

To engage

in any lawful act or activity for which companies may be organized under the Tribal LLC Code.

To generate tax and other revenue

for the use by the tribal government in providing services to the tribal membership.