Marshall Prichard is an enrolled member of the Northern Ponca Tribe. In 1990, Mr. Prichard started ASW Associate’s, Inc. a nationally recognized environmental remediation firm with international experience. The firm specialized in lead and asbestos remediation services. ASW also had an outstanding record of four years overseas experience in support of the Iraqi Mission for the US Department of Defense. The firm has provided consulting services to a diverse group of clients including the Argonne National Laboratory, Camp, Dresser & McKee, Black & Veatch Engineering, United States Army Corps of Engineers, AFCEE, EPA, and was a Preferred Contractor for Northup Grumman. Mr. Prichard successfully developed and led the successful procurement and marketing strategy for ASW that secured competitive federal contracts in excess of a $250M as well as developing a ‘Subcontracting Strategy” that successfully participated in Teaming Partnerships with major international firms with federal contracting capacity of over $6B.


A member of the Ponca Tribe and a former managing partner, owner and founder of a trade color separation and digital publication pre-press business employing 30 individuals, Gary has extensive business and process management background experience. Having hired, trained and motivated high quality responsive work-groups and teams, he has consistently accomplished all assigned goals, particularly as relating to overall cost reductions, improved manufacturing efficiencies, and customer and sales support satisfaction. Gary is acutely aware that it takes enthusiastic, innovative and decisive leadership to provide profits in today’s marketplace. He takes pride in being a self-starter who approaches goals with the absolute expectation of meeting and exceeding them.


Lee Paulsen is an enrolled member of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.  Mr. Paulsen has spent considerable time in both the manufacturing and agriculture industries throughout his career.  Lee graduated from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Fisheries in Wildlife.  Since 2010, Lee as worked in regulatory compliance working with companies to ensure they comply with the rules and laws set forth by government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Transportation and the State of Nebraska.  Mr. Paulsen has been a large part of overseeing company mergers and acquisitions, working to find ways to implement procedures to promote cost savings, and advising senior management on methods to improve and maximize full return on investment.


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